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  •  48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock 48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock
Minimum quantity : 25 pieces, conditioning : by 25 pieces


<p>Lockseal is a bolt seal, conform with ISO17712/2013 H grade

<p>- Bolt and body have the same numbering. 

<p>They are packed in individual bags.

<p> ABS Polystyren body is 20 mm diameter.  The metal bolt is 8 mm diameter and 69 mm long 

<p>Main use : on lorries and containers

<p>Standard colour : blue 

<p> Other colours : green, grey, white, yellow, orange 

<p> Options : personnalised from 1000 pcs and by 200 pcs (Maximum marking : 15 letters or spaces)

<p> Additional information : 

<p< - 200 pcs cartons 

<p>- customs tariff : 83 09 90 90 

<p> Free samples on request 

Data sheet

Colours in stock
Jaune et bleu
Pull apart force
1900 kg
ISO17712 H
Ex stock
Standard packaging
250 pcs box
Delivery time for personalized product
3 to 4 weeks
MOQ for stock product
25 pcs
Weight for 1000 pcs
60 kg
Customs tariff