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Arrow-like label tag

  •  48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock 48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock
Minimum quantity : 1000 pieces, conditioning : by 100 pieces

This label tag can identify trees, hoses, bags and so on

It can be personalised with an adhesive label, a pen-writing, a laser or a hotfoil marking, in our workshops.

Conditionning : 100 pcs bags - 3000 pcs carton

Carton dimensions : 600 x 380 x 260 mm

Free samples on request


Data sheet

One-use product
High Density Polyethylen (HDPE)
Total length
190 mm
Usable length
125 mm
Closure type
Tag dimensions
40 x 64 mm
Ex stock
Standard packaging
100 pcs bags
Delivery time for personalized product
3 to 4 weeks
MOQ for stock product
1.000 pcs
MOQ for personalised products
1000 pcs
Customs tariff
39 23 90 90
Possible Marking
Delivery Deadline
24 à 72h