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Identification tags

  •  48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock 48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock
Minimum quantity : 5000 pieces, conditioning : by 5000 pieces

These tags exist in standard dimensions, in stock : 20x40 mm - 25x60 mm - 50x60 mm - 60x100 mm.

They are 1 mm thick.

They can be used with 2.5 to 4.8 mm wide cable ties and with 2.5 to 9 mm wide cable ties for 60x100 mm.

Available in stock in white, other colours can also be produced on request.

They can be lasermarked in our workshops.

Do not hesitate in contacting us for any other dimensions or materials : we will study every possibility to fit your needs.

Free samples on request.

Data sheet

Polypropylen (PP)
Ex stock
Standard packaging
100 pcs bags
Delivery time for personalized product
3 to 4 weeks
MOQ for stock product
5.000 pcs
MOQ for personalised products
5.000 pcs
Customs tariff
39 26 90 97
Possible Marking
1 mm
Delivery Deadline
24 à 72h