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CBS 395

  •  48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock 48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock
Minimum quantity : 100 pieces, conditioning : by 1000 pieces

These polypropylen seals are used to close bags or containers

Some red or yellow seals are available in stock (marked E.F and progressively numbered).

White, black, green, blue or orange on request. (at least 10.000pcs)

100 pcs bag- 1000 pcs carton

Carton : 560 x 360 x 460 mm - 8 kg

Free samples on request

Data sheet

Polypropylen (PP)
Diameter / Strap width
6 mm
Total length
420 mm
Usable length
300 mm
Colours in stock
Rouge et jaune
Pull apart force
30 kg
Metal insert
Closure type
Progressive tightening
Tear off
Type of tail
Flat and incremented
ISO17712 H
Tag dimensions
20 x 42 mm
Ex stock
Standard packaging
1.000 pcs box
Delivery time for personalized product
4 to 6 weeks
MOQ for stock product
100 pcs
MOQ for personalised products
5.000 pcs
Weight for 1000 pcs
8 kg
Customs tariff
39 23 50 90