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  •  48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock 48-72h for delivery in Belgium for items in stock
Minimum quantity : piece, conditioning : by 1 piece


This bolt seal has a double numbering : on the base and on the head pin

The base ( 20 mm diameter - 31 mm long) is in acrylonitrile styren plastic and the pin ( 8.5 mm diameter - 75 mm long) is steel covered with this plastic.

Tensile strength is 1100 kg. It is conform with ISO/PAS 17712, High Security Specification

In stock we have some yellow Factainers, marked E.F and numbered.

This bolt seals, also available in red, blue, white, orangee or green, can be marked with 1 line of 10 characters or 2 lines of 8 characters, or a logo or a barcode. Delivery time : 12 weeks


250 pcs carton - each bolt seal is individually packed

Carton : 380 x 260 x 160 mm - 11.2 kg

Customs tariff : 83 09 90 90

Free samples on request